Too Loud A Solitude

After leaving this blog without a title for a while, I decided that “Too Loud A Solitude” is a good title for it.

For you who don’t know, Too Loud A Solitude is a great novel by Bohumil Hrabal. His last novel before his death, in fact.

Too Loud A Solitude

The first time I set my eyes on the book, I instantly thought that it was the most beautiful book tittle I’ve ever seen. And it’s truly fascinating how Hrabal could stretch the life and thoughts of a solitary man into an interesting novel. The best thing about the book is that I was touched by it, and I could easily relate to the pain and joy of the character, Hanta -the paper crusher.

Well, I wouldn’t like to spoil the story for you (in case you are planning on reading the novel).

If only Hrabal was still alive, I would’ve sent him a letter just for the sake of it.



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