What I am not

I am not:

– a male.

– a lesbian.

– an atheist.

– patient.

– blonde.

– stinking rich.

– dead poor.

– stupid.

– that clever either 🙂

– a natural writer.

– having many friends.

– the only child.

– a good dieter. (eat… eat… eat… all the time!)

– addicted to facebook. (liar…! liar…! yes I am…!)

– extravagant.

– fat.

– thin.

– funny.

– good at picking gifts for people.

– forgetful.

– a sleepy head.

– a huge fan of steak and kidney pie.

– tall.


2 responses to “What I am not

  1. i also disagree when you wrote that you are not funny. I started laughing the moment I started reading this list. I like it! Hope to see more posts like this!

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