Finally…! A crop circle in Indonesia…!

Read the news here.

Do you believe in Alien? Well, being a dormant scientist that  I am, I would say that anything is possible until proven otherwise. 🙂

We have heard about crop circles phenomena around the world. But never before in Indonesia. Well, it has finally happened at a paddy field in Sleman, Jogjakarta.

Am I proud? My country has been chosen by ‘the thingies’ as a perfect location for their beautiful geometric form of art. I don’t think I am proud, but it certainly is amusing. 🙂

The owner of the paddy field did not believe that the circle was man made, because of it’s sheer perfection, and not a single stalk was broken. The head of the local police department, second that opinion.

Look up to the sky, fellow Indonesians…! Someone might be waving down at us and says:

“Apa kabar? Indonesia adalah bagaian dari saya. Saya suka makan bakso, dan sate enak.”

translation =How are you? Indonesia is part of me. I like to eat delicious meatball and meat skewers.


So what do you think…? Someone or something, in Indonesia, was doing that. Pretty neat huh?

Dian Retno Wulandari. Howdy Alien? Did you like mount Bromo or Kuta beach?

PS: For you who missed the joke, that sentence I quoted above was what President Obama said in his speech during his state visit to Indonesia. (He lived in Indonesia as a child, and thus speaks the language a little bit)

PPS: Come down to Ghana, Aliens! Make a crop circle at the cocoa plantation!


3 responses to “Finally…! A crop circle in Indonesia…!

  1. Yeah.. That exactly what crossed in my mind.. Welcome to Indonesia!
    It is very amusing having that circle crop here somewhere in my country.
    The story here goes as loud as the story of our president’s salary (or so i think) 😀

  2. iya, Indonesia pengen mengejar ketertinggalannya… Jd beken 😀
    At least people will know Bali is part of indonesia, not otherwise :))

  3. Coba buat apa yang unik dari Indonesia donk…
    macam macam yang pastinya…
    1. Hanya di Indonesia yang sistem peradilan pidananya boros waktu, kertas dan panjang di dunia.
    2. Hanya di Indonesia yang memiliki kepulauan terbanyak di dunia.
    3. Hanya di Indonesia dimana Polisi punya kewenangan yang sangat luas6.
    4. Hanya di Indonesia jaksa memeriksa bukti dengan sarana kertas doang sebelum sidang.
    5. Hanya di Indonesia yang ada semangka berdaun sirih.
    6. Hanya di Indonesia kualitas mente dan tembakau Virginia terbaik di dunia.
    7. Hanya di Indonesia dimana Miyabi datang di Protes.
    8. Hanya di Indonesia ada kadal purba yang besar
    dll.. silahkan pilih topik mana yang apik…

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