A Quick Apologetic Note

Yes, no new post after a week now. As I have expressed earlier in this blog, I don’t feel like I deserve to be blogging.

People are starving in Sudan. Kids are orphaned in China. Gabrielle Gifford was shot in Tucson. Alix starts having nightmares. So on…. so forth…

There are many other important things in the world rather than sitting in front of my PC and indulge in blogging aimlessly.

Having said that, I had been blogging quite regularly for a few weeks now. But I am beginning to wonder if I should keep going. (I know it’s too early to say anything like that, but it doesn’t stop me from wondering anyway)

Few days ago I decided that I should not be blogging in the evening when my husband is at home. Wouldn’t it be better to just chill and chat with one’s spouse rather than babbling endlessly on the internet? Well, which ever way, I don’t think it’s fair to make him a blog widower.

I have also decided that I should not be blogging in the day when my son is at his busiest. Wouldn’t it be better to just play and sing and read and feed and deal with poop and puke? (well, may be not the poop and puke part. *lol*)

We all travel through time only one way. All the time that has slipped though our hands is not going to come back. My son, my husband, and I are growing, I surely don’t want to miss anything in the process.

To sum everything up, I won’t blog in the evening, nor in the day. So the only time I can do it, is when everybody is asleep: at night. Perfect!

Wait, only one problem… when everybody is asleep…

Yeah right, I am one of the everybody, so I will be asleep as well. 🙂

Oh isn’t life full of dilemmas and dead-ends? How should I deal with this predicament? (I have waited my whole life to have the opportunity to use the word ‘predicament’. :D)

Anyway… I am sorry (not sure to whom) I haven’t been doing anything with my blog lately. I hope I can get my self out of this predicament (ha! that word again!) one way or another.

Don’t give up on me just yet, will you?

Dian Retno Wulandari. Dealing with a particular predicament. 😀


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