Facebook Will End on March. True or False?

Please find the article here, where Mark Zuckerberg allegedly made a statement about closing Facebook, and told users to back up their photos before the offline date if they don’t want to lose those photos.

I heard about this rumour when I skim-read my FB news feed a few days ago. I dismissed it instantly. “Ah… must be just a hoax.” I wouldn’t waste my energy digging into the matter. But then, a friend that I consider to be respectable (his initial: DMW) also posted a link regarding the issue on his FB page. Now then… hearing a rumour is one thing, but hearing it from him is a totally different story.

So I clicked his link and it directed me to a news page, full of statements coming from Mark. The article was so well written, it made my back sweat.

“Oh my Lord…! What should I do without Facebook? Does this mean I should go and hang out more with my friends? Does this mean I should get back into calling, texting, and emailing people? Does this mean that when I want to share photos I have to upload them to flickers or email and tell everybody I just uploaded them? Does this mean I need to remember people’s birthdays, or put them on my agenda-book? And worst yet…, how am I supposed to get my nose around what people are up to without Facebook? How…??!!” (being nosy is my first reason to be on FB) 😀

In short, I panicked. I was not ready to let go of FB… my entire life flashed before me… playing Farmville, finding old friends, ignoring new friend requests, commenting on photos, making stupid status updates, judging people… The whole memory came rushing back to the surface of my brain… and I got all emotional…

After a few seconds of self pity over the unruly fate of Facebook, I started to compose myself. Everything will be just fine. I can manage. Life will move on, and I won’t let it ruin me. Even better perhaps…, I get to go out with friends instead of chatting on FB… or I can get into the excitement of buying real birthday gifts rather than some quick birthday notes on FB wall…  or I get to send Christmas cards instead of saying Merry Christmas as status updates… or I get to have some extra free time to play picnic with my little son… Yes! Everything will actually be better without FB. World was a better place before Facebook. 🙂 All things settled. Whaz da biggie dude?

But a few seconds after those few seconds… I saw the header of the news page, and it was “Weekly World News ”. Do you know what this mean, my dear readers…? Do you…?? Do you…??? Well…, I do. Because my heart sank when I read the header.  This means the whole thing is a lie. This website is renowned for making the best hoax ever circulated on earth. So, no, sadly, Facebook is not going to end after March 15th. Why would they anyway? They just got valued 50 billion dollars!

And then… my entire life flashed before me… playing Farmville, finding old friends, ignoring new friend requests, commenting on photos, making stupid status updates, judging people…

“Oh My Lord…! Does this mean I get to do all those things all over again? But what about my plan of hanging out with friends? What about buying birthday gifts and sending Christmas cards? What about that picnic with Alix? Why can’t Facebook just be gone? Why…??!!” *sigh*

Did I just waste my energy digging into the matter? 😀

Dian Retno Wulandari .Can’t decide whether Facebook is good or bad.

PS: This probably proves that there is no way of satisfying a woman. 🙂

PPS: You should decide for yourselves if Facebook is good for your lives or not.



5 responses to “Facebook Will End on March. True or False?

  1. Buah… FB ngga jadi ilang…. mimintul ngga jadi berbuat sesuatu yang berguna dong? Hahahaha…
    (moral : FB is not so important, but I love doing something useless)

  2. Facebook is good for all the reasons you’ve mentioned! 😀 And i really wanted to comment on this post sooner but i couldn’t since there’s a filtering system that will block automatically everything with “facebook” in it. Apparently the company where i work for considers that “facebook” is no good.

    Thank God they don’t separate the filter into face and book keywords…. 😀

    • I wish the same! But I can’t get out of it. You see… I am addicted to fb, and as we all know… the only way to stop an addiction is by taking the addictive substance away from us by force. 🙂

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