30 Things To Do before I’m 30

I resisted myself from making a new year’s resolution for 2011 because I am terrible at keeping it up. More over, I never tell people what my resolutions are so that nobody can judge me when I don’t do anything about it. Yes, it forms an easy escape route for me, which is exactly why I have been terrible at resolving them. “No body know what I promised to do, why do anything at all?”

As a change, I will make a “30 things to do before 30” list. As a change, I will make more tangible, worldly, hedonistic objectives rather than something hard such as: be a good person, or be tidy. And as a change, I will tell the whole world about it so that I feel more motivated in keeping up with my own promises.

For those who know me really well, know that my 30th birthday is not far off. In fact it seems to creep towards me faster than ever, and it even makes a loud ticking noise like a Seiko quarts watch as it does so. Tick… tock… tick… tock… I have a horrible feeling that I may not have enough time to accomplish all of it before I’m 30, but here I go…!

  1. Cut my hair short, dye it brown with some high lights, and curl it. I have been having straight long black hair since I was 9 and never do anything to it. It is time to do something crazy about it before I get too old to pull it off.
  2. Learn how to blow my hair dry. I am useless at hair styling. The best I can do is pony tail or plait.
  3. Finish tennis lesson.I have started a few months ago but haven’t been keeping it up.
  4. Have a stable weight of 50 Kg (110 lbs).I am currently 56 Kg, and at my heaviest I was 62 Kg. I was 44 Kg 10 years ago.
  5. Have straight teeth. I have crowded teeth, but I have been making appointments with an orthodontist. Hopefully I will be wearing braces soon.
  6. Have some animal print clothes. I tend to think that animal prints are for sluts, and I want to change my view.
  7. Get pregnant again. Our son is 2 yo. He needs a sibling, we think.
  8. Remove brown spots from my face. I have developed some severe sun spots/age spots on my face since we move and live in Africa (1.5 years), and I want them cleared.
  9. Step foot on 11 more countries. India and Russia are mandatory. I currently have 19 countries under my belt.
  10. Learn to scuba dive.Luckily, Sam is a scuba dive instructor.
  11. Participate at the London Marathon.
  12. Take my sister for holiday overseas.
  13. Send my mother to Mecca for hajj.
  14. Start working again/earning in one way or another.
  15. Master at least one type of ballroom dancing. With hubby of course, it is pointless to learn to dance on my own without a partner.
  16. Make a full featured website all on my own, and put it on the Internet. So far I have made many, but I never publish them. They sit in a folder somewhere in my PC.
  17. Bake a good batch of chocolate chips cookies. Even though I am a good cook, I don’t really feel like baking anything.
  18. Finish my session with my chiropractor. I was born with spinal defect.
  19. Build my very own computer server.
  20. Have a supermodel-style-portrait of myself made. To preserve my young-look for eternity. 🙂
  21. Overcome my fear of dogs. I have an irrational and inconsolable  fear of dogs ever since I got attacked by 2 big dogs when I was very small. (this is going to be hard)
  22. Decide whether I will do my master degree or not, if yes, in what field.
  23. Learn to ski. We want our toddler to learn to ski, that means I have to learn it too.
  24. Learn to ride horse. My husband loves riding horse, and we want to be able to ride together.
  25. Take a painting or sketching class. I have a raw talent in this. Very… very… raw…. indeed. 🙂
  26. Buy some good comfortable expensive pair of high heel shoes. Ever since I met my husband, I always wear flat shoes and got comfortable with it. I think I should get into the habit of wearing high heels again before I get too old to cope with it.
  27. Complete French Course. I passed my basic French course 3 months ago but chose not to continue to the next level, but I should.
  28. Para-sail.
  29. Fly in a helicopter.
  30. Go on a real safari in Africa. I better do this soon while still living in Africa. 🙂

Dian Retno Wulandari.

PS: I got the inspiration to make this list after chatting with bff: Amalia 🙂 We were just talking about what we want to do in the years ahead, and surprisingly we want to do a lot of the same things! (May be we are becoming one another!) From this casual chat we agreed to make a 30 things to do before 30 and post it on our blogs. Check her list here!

PPS: Almost forgot! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 everyone… I wish you all a good and prosperous year ahead!

PPPS: Other than this list, I also have a bucket list.


14 responses to “30 Things To Do before I’m 30

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  2. Overcome my fear of dogs — jeng aku dulu takut sama anjing dan kucing, tapi akhirnya berhasil mengatasi ketakutan itu. Digigit anjing juga pernah, tapi tetep punya anjing sampai akhirnya anjingku mati. Kuncinya, ketemu anjing yang menyenangkan, try golden retriever untuk dipegang-pegang aja. Mereka gak nyerang kok, tapi sebelum megang, pastikan diri dalam keadaan super tenang, karena anjing bisa tahu kita takut atau nggak. Anjingku dulu kalau tahu ada orang takut, dia pengertian dan menyingkir 🙂

    Complete French Course — Vas-y, bon Courage ma belle!

    • Hey, thanks for the inspiration! But believe it or not it was two golden retrievers that attacked me (and my lunch box) when I was 6 (lagi jalan ke sekolah -TK- ceritanya…) 😀 Sekarang aku lagi coba ‘sok akrab’ sama anjing kecil jenis wire-haired-dachshund, tapi biasanya punggungku sampe basah semua, berkeringat.. rambut juga langsung lengket. hehehe…
      The hardest part about learning French is, the tutors aren’t usually willing to explain things in English. 🙂 (native francophone tutor I mean)

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