Is Wishing Merry Christmas Haram for Muslims?

My answer to that question above is: No, it is not haram. To be quite frank, I couldn’t care less when (some) people tell me it is haram and that I should not do it. I can’t help but wonder, however, have those people done the reasoning, the searching, and the learning about the matter themselves, or do they just do what others have told them to do?

I know this is a sensitive subject to bring up especially there are so many narrow-minded-easily-provoked people wandering-about on this earth. But I am -as a good, faithful, devout Muslim- have the right to comment on this matter.

It is sad and hard enough for a good Muslim like me to have my religion ‘rebranded’ by those terrorists with their big guns and big bombs, I also have to deal with fellow-good-Muslims telling me not to do things for vague reasons.

My whole life, I have heard and known Muslims arguing and debating endlessly on the matter. Some say it is haram, but thank God, most say it is not.

I personally have met fellow Muslims from Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Egypt, Belgium, UK, Norway, etc… And what I found interesting is, those who are most fanatic and most extreme about Islam are those who read less of the Qur’an (=the Islamic holy book), and listen more to what their imams (=religious leaders) have to say about this religion.

In the Islamic teaching, the whole book of Qur’an contains words that came straight from God himself through His prophet. Not a single word was added or reduced by any human, not even Muhammad the prophet himself. We as Muslim should live our lives in goodness following the teaching in this holy book. God, as mentioned in His Qur’an, has been quite clear about many many things, like what are considered haram, and what are not. When something is haram, God made it clear by saying it is haram, and no question about it. For example: Eating pork is haram. Killing is haram. Not fasting during Ramadhan is haram. Etc. If God had wanted something to be haram, it is easy for him to say something is haram. Period.

I, as a good well educated Muslim, have read the Qur’an from cover to cover many times. Several times in Arabic, several times in English, several times in Indonesian. I am no muslim scholar, but I can definitely say I know what it is all about. Islam is about believing in God, one God only. It is also about believing that Muhammad was his messenger, that he was a mere human who was chosen to spread the word, and that we must not worship Muhammad since he is not God. It is also about being grateful with your life. It is also importantly about living a good peaceful life with others in this world. It is also about –surprisingly– not damaging mother earth.

Some argue it is haram to say Merry Christmas because it is considered to be haram to give well wishes to Christian’s religious festival because they are kuffaar/kafir (=disbelievers/infidels/heathen), this consideration however, is by consensus. Human consensus.

I argue, this religion, Islam, my faith, is not about what human say it is, but what God say it is, and what I believe it is. Moreover, to quote from the Qur’an:

The Muslim believers, the Jews, the Christians, and the monotheistic religious community –all those who believe in God and the Last Day and do good– will have their rewards with Lord. No fear for them, nor will they grieve.” [Al Qur’an. 2:62]

How much clearer can it be, that Christians are not kuffaar/kafir. And since wishing well is part of doing good, I jolly well say it is NOT haram.

Have a very happy Christmas everyone…! I am sorry I am a little bit late, but we have been busy baking, lunching, dining, drinking, and being merry.🙂🙂


Dian Retno Wulandari. A faithful at heart, an open minded soul.

PS: The definition of haram (in short) is: Something that one must NOT do, otherwise one will sin.

PPS: If any of my Muslim readers would like to argue, please quote something that God has said, not what other people have thought.

PPPS: I am currently living in a devout Christian society. Most of my closest friends are Buddhists, but some are Christians, some are atheists, and none is Muslim. Everything is doing great!

19 responses to “Is Wishing Merry Christmas Haram for Muslims?

  1. Thank you Ulan…thats a very nice blog you have…
    Have a wonderful holiday season and happy New Year…
    love and hug for your family…

    • a big hug for Preston, 3 little kisses on the cheeks for Don, and a “Hey Girl, how are you doing these days?!” for you. xxx Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

  2. Itu bukan Isa B’day, dulu pas kristen masuk ke Roma, kerajaan di sana meminta hari perayaan kelahiran isa di samakan dengan hari raya penyembahan dewa matahari adat Roma.

    thats not the point sih,
    miminak bilang: ngga apa2 ngucapin selamat merayakan natal, dengan tidak “ikut” merayakannya juga, again, bukan karena ngga boleh, tapi takutnya nanti budaya nya kecampur2 karena terbiasa ikut merayakan, trus jadinya keikutan, trus ngga ada batas yang jelas lagi antara ajaran islam dan kristen (panjang bener ngomong nya ya?)

    • kalau setahuku itu perayaan kelahiran Tuhan dalam bentuk manusia. tapi tanggalnya memang masih diperdebatkan. ada yang berpendapat tanggal itu dari hasil hitung mundur kapan Isa dikandung Maryam.

      aku mengartikan secara harfiah aja kata “natal.”

      but mimintul (jenenge rek…) makes a good point about: “budayanya kecampur-campur.” sebab memang antara agama dan budaya selalu beririsan.

    • 1. Pohon natal sm bagi2 hadiah nggak termasuk merayakan natal lo Pin, merayakan natal itu ya misa natal, dan kita kan emang gak ikutan.🙂 Tradisi yg bagi2 hadiah itu sama aja dg bakar2 jagung pas tahun baru.
      2. Di pelajaran Agama pas sekolah dulu kan emang penyebaran Islam selalu membaur dg budaya lokal. Kayak Islam di Lombok, ato Islam di Jawa (NU), ato Islam di Serbia.🙂
      3. Contoh budaya yg sudah kecampur: liburan hari Sabtu – Minggu, itu kan liburannya Yahudi sama Kristen. Ato merayakan ulang tahun Masehi/Gregorian.

  3. Seorang kristen merayakan natal dengan niat merayakan kelahiran Yesus Kristus Tuhan Mereka (salah satu dari Yang Tiga).

    إِنَّ الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَالَّذِينَ هَادُوا وَالنَّصَارَىٰ وَالصَّابِئِينَ مَنْ آمَنَ بِاللَّهِ وَالْيَوْمِ الْآخِرِ وَعَمِلَ صَالِحًا فَلَهُمْ أَجْرُهُمْ عِندَ رَبِّهِمْ وَلَا خَوْفٌ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلَا هُمْ يَحْزَنُونَ ﴿البقرة : ٦٢﴾ Al Baqarah : 62
    Sesungguhnya orang-orang mukmin, orang-orang Yahudi, orang-orang Nasrani dan orang-orang Shabiin, siapa saja diantara mereka yang benar-benar beriman kepada Allah, hari kemudian dan beramal saleh, mereka akan menerima pahala dari Tuhan mereka, tidak ada kekhawatiran kepada mereka, dan tidak (pula) mereka bersedih hati.

    Iman kepada Allah bisa dilihat dari Syahadat: No god but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger.

    Jadi bagi muslim, haram mengakui Isa adalah putra Allah, karena itu lah haram memberi selamat atas “kelahiran Puta

    • Note: Saya bilang: Mengucapkan selamat natal, bukan merayakan natal yg artinya ikut Misa Natal.
      Terimakasih sudah menterjemahkan ayat Al-Baqarah 62 yg saya tulis diatas.
      Mengucapkan selamat hari Natal, tidak berarti mengakui apa2, artinya ya selamat merayakan hari tersebut.🙂

  4. aku lbh suka mengucapkan selamatnya atas dasar bertoleransi saja (atas yang sedang bersuka cita)
    tanpa harus jauh mengaitkan itu pada hal keimanan.

    itu lebih simpel. bagaimana?

    (karena keimanan adalah sesuatu yg kita temukan sendiri, dan tidak perlu diperdebatkan dengan orang lain)

    kayak gini, ada orang sedang bersuka cita atas juara kelasnya.
    aku kasih ucapan selamat.
    tanpa “ngurusi” itu juaranya krn nyontek, nyogok guru, atau beneran juara…. hahaha contoh sembarang banget ya😀

    Wulan, nice post!

  5. I really enjoyed this, I want to post it on my blog, I’ve got a place where I now list things I read that are exceptionally good, humorous whatever the case may be,
    wishing you a Happy New Year with all good things.

    • I wonder why that is…? I am new to blogging so I am just as lost as you are..🙂
      But I subscribed to you, so it’s not hard to find you, rather, your post will find me. Cheers!

  6. Bwehehehe… bukankah mimintul adalah nama yang keren?🙂

    Betewe mbak Lia, ngucapin selamat ke temen yang ranking satu padahal hasil nyontek, itu terdengar sangat pribadi sekali… hehehe sepertinya based on true story😛

  7. Hi Wulanadian and all, congratulation for this great post. I am happy that a day before Christmas I came across with your post. I just red a news about the recommendation from top muslim cleric in indonesia, not to say merry christmas as it is considered haram for muslims to do so.
    I as Christian myself was so surprised to know such recommendation, as I just received a really warm ‘merry christmas” greeting from my muslim friend and his family (Indonesians of course). I did not know what he and his family were feeling and thinking when they said that. But what I was feeling while looking at their sincere face and listening to their sincere greeting was a warm encounter of LOVE and COMPASSION of being ONE as human family, a FAMILY of LOVE under the same home, we called “earth” that provides us the same air, light, space and time, no matter what religion, or culture, or nation we are.
    I always believe that the very essence of GOD in every religion is LOVE. And when we celebrate all religious feast, it should be a time that reminds us about the celebration of LOVE and COMPASSION. If saying merry christmas or blessed idul fitri is a expression of sincere love and compassion, I just wonder whether GOD who is love itself is not delighted to hear us to do so.
    With best wishes..for all…….

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