Inaugural Post From A Good Procrastinator

(judul di atas dalam bahasa Indonesia:  Postingan perdana dari orang yang suka menunda-nunda)

So here it is… 6 long years since I registered an account with Blogger to start blogging, I finally make my first post and guess what! It is not even on Blogger.

Like most stories in the world, it is actually quite a boring one… 2004 was the first time I learned about blogging (or Weblog as it was defined in those days), being a self-proclaimed techie that I was, I immediately signed up to do one. After about 5 minutes staring into the freshly made account, it dawned on me that I had no desire in telling people what was going on in my head. So I left that old dusty monitor, with the old noisy CPU behind, paid Rp. 2800 for using it, hopped onto my old bike, and I said to myself never to look back. Yes, it was in a small internet café, and in those days, most Indonesians wouldn’t even know whether Blog was a Chinese food, or some kind of construction material. So what was the big deal with this blog thing anyway?

Trinity House

I do however, enjoy reading blogs… It is rather like gossiping, where the gossipee is actually the gossiper. Sick, isn’t it??? Anyhow… in mid 2007 I was living in a remote part of Canada (called Trinity) all on my own, in a 6 bedrooms 200 years old big wooden house that used to be a BnB (picture attached). With the hard Canadian winter coming on, and no company, not much to do, and a semi-reliable dial-up internet connection,  all I did was surfing the net or blog walking (or cooking or housekeeping). And then there’s a hit. A revelation. 3 years of reading blogs after blogs… one particular blog really sparked an interest in me. The very blog that can actually inspire me to really start blogging is out there!!! It was by a bloke named Tasa Nugraza Barley, and the particular piece I read was called “Umat Islam adalah Umat yang Bodoh” (Muslim People are Stupid People).

A brilliant blogger, he was. With very over the top opinions and yet still familiar-at-heart way of thinking.  I followed his blog ever since. Note the past tense though… He (like so many other notable bloggers out there) seems to have lost interest in blogging. I don’t know why this is… Perhaps because they realize that life is a one way journey with so little time and so many things to do and blogging therefore appears to be a waste of time… Or perhaps, because they, as time goes on, grow into something else, someplace different, and somehow they rise above blogging and never look back or set foot on the blogosphere any more. Who can tell?

Anyhow…, later that year (still 2007) back in Indonesia I decided that starting a blog would be my 2008 new year’s resolution. So then 2008 came and went… “start a blog” made its way to my 2009 new year’s resolution list. Then shamelessly it included itself in my 2010 new year’s resolution. Luckily ladies and gentlemen… we are still in 2010. Cheers!!! It is coming to an end, I know… and it is tempting to just slip it through to 2011 new year’s resolution… But no…! I have made a vow that I will get this blog started this very year.  So I took my apron off, passed my screaming little boy to his nanny, switched off the Oprah Winfrey Show, have Chinese take-away for dinner… and plough my way through this ever-so-complicated-wordpress-page that was never made for housewives like me anyway… So that I can look at myself in the mirror and say: “I’ve done it, bitch!”, and for the first time ever I would’ve done something from my new year’s resolution lists (yes I am that pathetic).

So… It took 6 long years for me to take action, so long that even Mr. Barley –my inspiration– has stopped blogging in the mean time…. I, a gossiper who will gossip about my self-centered life.  Here I finally am… Keep reading folks! See you sometimes 🙂

Yours  Faithfully, Dian Retno Wulandari. 2 December 2010

PS: Now then…, I think it is fair to shift “complete tennis lesson” to 2011 new year’s resolution… (I always do this… Oh, don’t we all…?)

PPS: I would love to know how you start your blog and what motivates you. Please do share. 🙂


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